This is My Troth...

You came into my life, as an unwelcome face
Not ever knowing out friendship, I would once embrace.
As I wonder through my thoughts and memories of you
It brings many big smiles and laughter so true…

I love this friendship, that we beautifully share
I love the way that you showed, you really care.
Our friendship means the, absolute world to me
I only hope this is something, I can make you see...

Thank you for opening your mind and your soul
I will do all I can, to heal your heart's little holes.
Always remember... if you're ever in need
I will try to be the best friend I can possibly be...

Thank you for being with me, right from the start
By giving me courage to stand apart.
It's glad to tell that, you are my best friend
This is my troth to be your side, until the end...

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