Mask I am wearing…

I was once, sad and lonely
Having not a soul, to comfort me
So I wore a mask, which always smiles
To hide my feelings, behind an innocent lie

With that lie, I owned many friends
With my mask, I am one of them
But deep inside, I know I am empty
Like I am missing, the best part of me

Nobody can hear, my cries at night
For I designed my mask, to hide behind a lie
Nobody can see, the pain I am feeling
For I designed my mask, to be always laughing

Behind all the smiles, there are tears
And behind all this calm, there are fears
Everything you think and you can see 
Is not everything true about me

Day by day, I am slowly dying
Searching for the thing, that will stop me crying
What ever it is, I will keep on smiling
Hiding behind this mask I am wearing…

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